Brown Paper - White Ink —> Help Needed

Hey everyone,

Im printing on brown paper using white ink. The ink seems to be very dull. How can I make the white stand out more?

Would really appreciate the help.



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Two hit of opaque white and let the first hit dry.

Or, first print trans white, let dry then come back with the opaque white.

When overprinting after allowing the first ink to dry, do not remove the chase from the press if you clean it. Clean the form right on the press.
This is to insure that the second hit is right on the first. This also assumes that each of your first hit pieces is exactly in register with each other piece.
If you remove the chase and put it back in for the second hit, it may be in the same place, or it may be off just enough to cause a fuzzy print. The chase fits in tight, but not perfectly.

Dont leave the ink on the press overnight it can be rather irksome to get off .

Ok great. I’ll try it.

What happens if I mix the opaque white and white ink together for one print job? Will it work?


Nope. The first pass seals the paper and the second lies on top of the first without as much absorption into the paper. Subsequent passes make it look even better. I’ve seen examples of 7 passes in perfect register. Not something I’d like to try.

Check out this post I put up about a month ago.

An old sign painter’s trick is to put just a touch of blue (reflex) in the opaque white, it helps with the opacity. The biggest problem is printing on dark stock using heavy impression, which squeezes the ink doesn’t leave enough ink to coat the paper.


thanks so much! :)

just another thing, do i print both runs with impression on?

Vee x

If you are printing you would generally have the impression on ….