Traveling Printhop Progress (pics)

My traveling letterpress printshop is starting to take shape!

Currently housing Sigwalt Chicago #9, an unidentified 8pt all-caps font, silver and bronze powder, boxed roller (courtesy of Fedir Shulga), a tube of black ink (Dave Robinson rocks), some spaces and furniture.

Still to be done: more restrains for the cast-iron press, an imposing stone, place for a hand brayer, a recess for securing the inkdisk, a carrying harness, small composing stick, oil and kerosene bottles.

Tramping in style!

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Nice, is this a found box or custom built?

Whoa, this is so awesome! Kudos!

That looks great. What is the total weight as currently equipped?

Craig Starr of Masonville, Iowa had a traveling printshop in a very small trailer. The top lifted (gull-wing style) and the press was ready to go with storage for all the tools and even a set of maybe 6 or so cases under the press platform. It was really cool and he took it to schools and fairs for demonstrations.

I have a couple photos of it, but couldn’t put my hands on them right now.

Starr’s packaged shop was certainly not as portable as yours, however.

John Henry


Thanks! I used a found box as a basis and built on top of it to accomodate the press and the trimmings.

Craig’s wonderful printshop was actually one of the inspirations for this project! You can see the connection in this early concepts for the box.

The total weight is at about 20lb, so I’ll need to make something like a harness, that would strap over the box, with a nice large handle, for easier (and safer) transport.

BTW, here’s the post/picture you were looking for:

image: oldplans.jpg


Machinist’s tool boxes were designed to carry some weight, so the handle you have on it now should carry twenty pounds pretty easily. Of course one arm may end up longer than the other…

I’ve been wanting to build something similar as my sign-painting kit. Time vs projects, the ever lasting battle.

oprion, that case you show is like a pistol shooting box. the old pachmyers were vinyl coated wood. strong case by TnB makes an aluminum one. thast what i house my competition pistols in.


Yes, That’s the photo I was looking for. I guess I should have searched on Briar Press rather than my own computer. It was an amazing set-up.

John Henry