Gutted, Hermes broke it

I purchased an ardana press of off ebay, it needed some work doing on it but when it got here the inking disc on top had been snapped of off its spindle, broken clean in half :(. Anyone know where to get one cheap

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Ok a question for you all, the Adana HS2, is the ink disc spindle a press fit in the disc or the main body ?. Is it possible to buy the spindle separatley or not.

Suppose I will have to go grovel to someone to make me a new one round here…..


It is hard to understand what you are talking about here. Can you post a photo?

Your wish is my command. The grey spigot in the center of the disc …

image: 20140117_155849.jpg


A good machinist should be able to make a new stub that will fit in place and do the job. I wouldn’t try to fabricate a whole new disc.

Does anyone know if the UK Adana people are still active and selling parts? I haven’t heard much of them in the last couple of years.


I wasn’t going to make a new disc, if I knew how long the stub is as well as if it is a interference fit to the disc or the body and its diameter I could probably get one made up here, I would also like to know how deep it goes into the disc or the depth of the recess it fits into on the disc is so I could drill it and thread it then insert a bolt to try pulling it out. I dont think my cooker has been used in a while so it wont grumble if I shove it in there to gently heat it up to try make it easier to remove :).

Problem partialy resolved, I saw this post weeks ago but lost it.

This is similar to another No 2 problem on here a few weeks ago. The spindle had corroded in the press.

Heat up the press at the break and gently tap out the remainder of the spindle.

Drill and tap the remainder in the disc as you suggested, insert a bolt into the hole, heat the disk and and try and gently tap it of the remains of the spindle.

Get a new spindle made it should be a push tight fit in the disk and rotate in the hole in the press.

The disk should not wobble when sitting in the press. If too loose a fit the disc catches on the chase and does not turn properly.

If anyone reading this has an HS2 and is willing, could they measure the length and diameter of their spigot for me please.

It is .9 in protruding from the disk and probably .4 in inside the iron disk. Presumably the same for the later alloy disks.
Don’t have anything to measure the diameter.

thanks platenprinter et al.
I didnt think it would be right that the disc rotated on the spindle as it would fall of everytime the rollers ran over them to my mind ( I am a mechanic by trade ), so its nice to have my brain told it was right ( we often argue with each other ).

I spoke to someone on ebay tonight who is selling one and he said he will measure his for me, but so far my verniers tell me it is a 13mm dia spigot that appears to sit 12mm inside the disc by guess work on the casting of the disc itself.

Try Caslon in the UK, they might be able to help you, as they’ve taken over Adana and sell refurbished presses as well as spare parts.

spigot diameter is 12.63m /0.497” , length is 35mm /1.378” which means my verniers are messed as 12.63mm is well over 0.5”