Die cut jacket for vandercook?

I recently acquired a vandercook 320g and am in the process of restoration.

Has anyone any experience with having a die-cut jacket fit for one?

And any recommendations for where to go to get the inking rollers recovered?

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Congrats on restoring your Vandercook! Its a great press. I do not know much about the die jacket, but if you are looking for rollers recovered I would call Denny at Advanced Rollers. He does great work and is pretty affordable.

Tell him Pete from Old City Press in Washington, DC sent you!

Advanced Roller: (951) 272-3010

Yep Denny is great…

On my proof press I had the cut shapes popping out of the sheet instead of holding on with the tick marks like they’re supposed to. But it all depends on the shape you’re cutting and how stiff the paper is.

Fritz knows a bit about having the jackets made.

Bar-Plate is a manufacturer of them. If you send them a sheet of your tympan and the measurements of your cylinder they can make one for you.

I had a die jacket made for the 320G at Cooper Union. It was made by Bar Plate and is their standard shirttail jacket. They don’t have the specs on file, but I made them a template that was essentially a tympan top sheet and mailed it out to them. It needed some very minor adjustment at the gripper bar end, but in the end it fit well.

To be honest, we haven’t done any serious die cutting work with it because of the cost of die making, but I have heard that gasket makers sometime used these presses for cutting cork and rubber gasket material.

Fritz can definitely tell you more than I can. And John Henry- where’s JHenry?!


Here he is.

Yes, BarPlate can create a cutting jacket for the vandercook. I think we’ve ordered a couple over the years from BarPlate through NA Graphics. I just retired from a company which uses Vandercooks for kiss-cutting labels in large forms, and we had been doing that for about 30 years. Started with 219 presses and switched to Universal IIIs.

I have made my own jackets for other presses in the past, but with the cost of materials, and since I no longer have a sheet metal brake, it is better to go to a company with lots of experience.

John Henry