Stubborn Ink

I am coming back to my press after a month off. I just made some prints and was cleaning off the press after and had a heck of a time getting the ink off. (Rubber based, warm red mixed with opaque white) My mineral spirits seemed to have turned sort of milky white since I last used them. Could this be it? I’ve never had this problem before. Any thoughts?

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I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I purchased the mineral spirits at a “Big Box” store in a white plastic bottle. The only thing I can conceive is that the solvent dissolved something in the container and turned it milky. I have never had this issue with metal containers, so went back to purchasing in a metal gallon can. Not milky yet.

John Henry

Was it an eco-friendly brand? I bought something similar at Home Depot once. It was white and milky and didn’t do such a great job. I quickly went back to the metal, non eco-friendly container as well.

I have also had the same problem. I bought an eco-friendly brand in a white plastic bottle which was milky to begin with. I transferred to to my clear plastic squirt bottle. After leaving it to sit for a week or two, it separated into a clear liquid on top and the milky part below. Even after shaking up, it doesn’t clean as well and it beads up on the rollers like water vs oil. I finally bought a can of mineral spirits.

You need to get away from using anything other than some Press Wash. Varn is a good brand. Or any that your local paper house would carry. These press washes have the necessary chemicals to keep your rollers in tip top shape. They always clean very good and leave no residue.

I agree with Theo. I use Varn A-230 and have had complete success with it, both on my rubber rollers and on the synthetic rollers at the heritage village where I volunteer.