Heidelberg cylinder in NYC

Anyone in the NYC/NJ area have a heidelberg cylinder large enough for an 18x24 poster run? Please send me a message asap. Thanks!

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try contacting boxcar press, Syracuse

I’m hoping to find someone local to me in NYC.

Try talking to Earl Kallemeyn. I think he has a cylinder large enough. We run posters that size on our Vandercook Uni III.


I can run it on my SP-20. I’m just trying to save my arm (no pun intended) from falling off. Run is 2,000, two colors. I’ll probably just go for it.

Yeah, that sounds like a job for a Heidelberg. You might try talking to Earl.

Hi Jonsel;

When do you need it done by?
Having worked for him, I remember that Earl actually has 14x20 sheet size, not the larger 18x24 Dan Mentioned.
I know another guy in NYC who has a Cylinder that big though, the size that runs 28x20. It’s in a shop which is in Midtown.

Lastly, should you expand your search outside of the NYC area, you would find that boxcar actually does have a press that would be overkill- they call it ‘big blue’, It’s just a massive machine capable of running 20x30 sheets. I saw it in action the last time I was there.

Not NYC but close, two hours north east.

My Cylinder will print a 21 x 28 sheet.

I have a boxcar base but iirc it’s 24x17.

I’ve heard that in the early days of printing, the printers actually became musclebound on one side of their body and would even walk with a limp because of the repetitive motion of the process. Jon, you will suffer the same fate :)