60 pt. Blotter Paper

I’m trying to find some paper to print Coasters. I already tried pre cut coasters, but that is not ideal for deep impression (cracking). I want to buy 60 pt. Blotter Paper, but I have trouble to find that kind of paper around (it seems to be available only in the lab industry). Is there a place that you know to buy thick Blotter Paper (minimum 40 pt). Thanks a lot.

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I think Neenah Paper has a blotter paper. Don’t know of it’s thickness, though.

Try Legion. I bought their Thick Paper Sample kit. I believe Rising Museum board comes in 60#.


Thick Paper Sampler 3.5x5 14 $6.95 ADD TO CART
“What are the thickest papers you have?” is a question we get asked all the time. This sampler is a great way to find out the answer. We include: Arturo, Colorplan, Legion Bamboo, Lettra, Rising Museum Board, Somerset and Wild.

Neenah is only 24 pt. It is too light for me.

Thanks for the link foothlillpress. I’ll order some sample.

Here’s what I found :

Anybody have experience with that paper ?

We have worked with the Ahlstroms Blotter. It’s unique stuff. Very thick and deeply textured. I recall we had problems with paper fibers polluting the ink, but we eventually achieved decent results.

Although it’s the thickness you seek- Rising would make a terrible coaster/beermat, it’s not very absorbent stuff

Yes, that’s why I’m looking for a thick blotter paper.
Any other suggestion than Ahlstrom Blotter?

I actually think Katz sells their actual coaster board pretty thick.Try giving them a call. They may be able to laminate it for you to thicker amounts as well.

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