Appraiser needed in NYC

I am looking for an appraiser for my Vandercook Uni 1 letterpress. I need an official written document for tax assessment purposes. Does anyone know of a person or company that can provide this service?
Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Adrienne

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Much like real-estate- It should be simple enough to hire an appraiser and assert several letters from “experts in the field” citing how many presses those individuals have bought and sold, how much they have seen the same press go for in recent years/what it was worth at time of shipment to you etc etc.

If it’s a case of you having purchased the press and making use of it/already owning it, you should be able to go by your sales slip or agreement with selling party? Or are you trying to prove it’s value beyond what is currently invested in it (asserting that it has appreciated value)?

I hope nothing has happened to your press?

Hello- nothing has happened to the press, and the press is not for sale. I need to disclose the value “officially” with a document, for asset purposes. I can’t just ask someone to write a letter, although if that’s what it is perhaps I am mistaken. I am needing to know the current value on the market, as it has appreciated and officially documenting it and providing this to another entity.

I’m assuming there is a service provided by a printing company, resellers, etc… that can do this. I’ve had plenty of opinions but I want to do it correctly if this is possible.

You might consider consulting with Fritz at NA Graphics. He keeps tabs on current sales of presses and has a good sense of current market value.


Hi Daniel- yes, but nothing official. I have just emailed Don Black, hopefully he’s got some ideas. Fritz is always helpful though, so perhaps he may have a referral.

Thank you- Adrienne

I don’t actually handle press sales but do hear about them. It depends on what purpose the appraisal is being made—for the IRS, and they have rather rigid requirements, for a donation, for estate planning, for a potential sale, for property tax. I used to use the want ads in the old Printer that Mike Phillips published to show our county property tax assessor where Linotypes were free for the hauling—thus no market value, and consequently, my shop was valued at scrap value.

There was a recent sale of a #4 Vandercook that included a paper cutter that went for $20,000 in the S.F. Bay Area. Then I hear of Vandercooks selling for $500, usually between friends. Prices are all over the place, but on the high to very high range.


Thanks Fritz- I might reach out to you privately soon.