Foiling on clear stickers?

Does anyone have experience hot foiling on clear stickers? We’ve got a client requesting this and don’t know where to start with foil and stocks. I’m guessing a more resilient foil would be required to ensure transfer and hold on plastic, but I’m a bit worried about the temperatures melting the stickers’ adhesive or the plastic itself.

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That would be a question for your supplier of the blank labels. And by the way, people in the tag and label industry cringe when you call them “stickers.” You will get a lot farther with them if you call them labels.

I’ve done this before. We used a Polyester Clear Adhesive stock from our local paper stock supplier, so it’s something common enough.
We used the regular foil we use for paper, the only difference is that we noticed it requires some dwell time to stick, but once it’s stamped it’s as durable and scratch resistant as any other label.
Give it a try with what you already have.

This can be a whole “can of worms” just waiting for you to open.
A) polyester is best to stamp on, although it, or any clear material, will need to be ordered with the proper “dyne” for foil stamping.
B) if you are going to be putting a border of foil around and just inside the border of the label, you will want to consider die cutting or kiss cutting yourself. the Pre cut sheets can quite possibly, have the position of the labels, move around,, just a bit on the sheets and if this is so, to be off center, just a few thousandths, it looks like a mile. If register is critical, and you do kiss cut yourself, be careful when ordering, in that many polyesters will cut through the backing sheet before the front material, this can be maddening..if register is not an issue then go ahead with pre cut.
C) try to stay away from the “crack back” style sheets. “Starliner” being one of these brands. the little gap in the “crack” part can raise havoc when try to get foil to stick. the gap moves around so the make ready can’t be adjusted for that. just have to over hit everything. Kiss cut labels do not need to be on a “crack back” to peel off. die cut labels can be made with a “tab” on the side to allow for easy peeling.
D) lastly, make sure the stock you get is FLAT. this stuff can come in quite curled, don’t even mess with this, reject it. Make sure this and all of the above are clearly stated in your quote.
E) wear a shower cap, this will protect your hair from hands, when things go bad. most of the newer foils will work well for this, thank god, those guys are on our side. just tell foil sales, when/if ordering, what the project is.
Sounds like a lot? can be…… these things your customer will never comprehend….if it gets to be too much,,, let me know, i am in milwaukee, wisconsin, usa and have done lots of these.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Our supplier is sending some samples to play with, and we’ll start testing with clear polyester as per your suggestions Enrique and Eric.

We’ll post our results after the job’s done.