Reich Savoy, blacks not dark

Anyone print on Reich’s Savoy? Did some printing recently on black only run and the blacks just didn’t seem as rich as they usually are on the Lettra.

There’s a possibility I needed more black on the press but even when testing on other paper like a watercolor paper the black seemed a bit darker.

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Is it possible you got a batch of this?:

HP Indigo: SAVOY Brilliant White Digital HP 118# Cover and Natural White Digital HP 118# Cover weights have an HP Indigo surface treatment for better Electroink adhesion. These new products are stocked in both sheet sizes 19 x 13 and 18 x 12. (from the Reich website)

Maybe the special surface treatment doesn’t accept printing ink as well?


Well, it’s harder than lettra. So maybe you had to use less ink in order to get it to print with the correct definition, thus causing a thinner layer to transfer to the stock.

Have you tried thin application/multiple strikes?

And, what ink are you using?

I print with it a lot actually, and I seem to get great transfer of ink. I like it a lit more than lettra fwiw.

I was going to say, I find Savoy pretty easy to print on (despite the static issue I had recently with an acetate overlay…). Lettra gives me fits trying to get a dark black.

Hey everyone. Thanks for the responses. Using Vanson Rubber inks for printing. Really never had any issue with it.

Re-checked the order and it wasn’t the Digital.

If I use it again I will be sure to experiment a little bit more. Maybe it was just an off day.

Jonsel - Keep a can of this around:

Or another Anti-static spray and you’ll be in better shape. Long runs I have to spray the topsheet/platen/packing a few times every 100-200 pieces (sometimes even every 50 on a real dry day) but it works.