Windmill printing slur solution

I was having trouble today with slurs on the job I was printing today. I tried tons of little adjustments to the rails to get the roller levels right. It doesn’t help that the rollers are old and need to be replaced. BUT, I remembered a recent post (might have even been in my thread from the other day) where someone suggested applying rosin or something sticky to the rails to help ensure the rollers are rotating and not sliding. I applied a bit of Super77 spray to a cloth and dabbed it on the rails and I’ll be damned but the slur was mostly gone after that. So, to whomever suggested it: Good idea and thanks!

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That is interesting! I’ve been using rosin that comes in a bag (for batting) and it works, but I’m always on the hunt for other solutions too. Thanks!

You know, that is interesting. However, if I might make a suggestion, you might keep a close eye on those rails and see that they don’t collect paper dust.

I wiped them down after printing so they’re clean between runs.