Time for new rollers?

When I acquired my 10x15 Craftsman, the four rollers it came with fine hairlines around the circumference of the rollers. Almost like sipes on a tire for better grip, but super fine. These lines appear in the printed image once in awhile. Is it time to get these rollers recovered? When whey give me trouble on a project, I’ve switched to my 8x10 with smoother rollers… problem solved. I’m attaching images of the rollers and the lines showing up on a printed image.


Image with visible vertical lines:

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it is time for new rollers, I have never seen rollers so scratched up like that before. I have rubber ones in stock all new with free shipping, most likely cheaper then putting rubber on. click on name

Indeed time for new rollers. That’s a very curious pattern on the rollers you have. Almost looks like they weren’t ground down properly or something. Normally you’ll see a cut here or there from where someone accidentally left the rollers on during a cutting or scoring run… but I’ve never seen such even/fine scratches across the whole roller.

Todd offers quality rollers and great service. Just got some 7x11 rollers from him for less than what I’d expected. You could also try Ramco or Advanced if you want to shop around.

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The rollers seem very glazed to get that degree of shine. Perhaps the cracking and fine lines are in the glazed surface of the rollers. Before giving them the old “Heave-ho”, it might be good to use some deglazing methods which will assist the rollers in holding ink better and transferring it to the image surface.

You may find that you can improve the surface well enough to carry ink and then just replace the lowest roller to do the final smoothing of the ink film on the form prior to impression. I usually put my best roller in the “last over form” position, and replace the rollers one-by-one in order to both smooth out the ink and my cash flow.

If the glaze doesn’t come off, then by all means, replace the full complement of rollers and take good care of them .

John Henry

I just kind of assumed those rollers had ink on them.

If you ever wonder if it is time for new rollers, it is probably time for new rollers.


The image is mid-job so they are coated with ink! (still, thanks for the deglazing tip, jhenry)
Thanks for the feedback and valuable insight. I would have hemmed and hawed for another couple months on this. Lookin’ like it’s new rollers time.

I think if anything is leaving marks on your finished product, the obvious answer (to me) would be to replace them.