Hot foil core winding machine

Hello, we have a large quantity of hot foil which we need to rewind onto new cores to suit our older style foiling unit (rolls were supplied at 120m length and we can only fit 60m lengths on our press).

At a loss as to what machine would best suit.

We have a large quantity to do, so if we can find a smallish unit that would b suitable we would consider buying it. We are in Australia but could import in. Any help offered would be much appreciated!

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G,Day, Sport.!!
Ramblings from U.K.!!
We have, up to a point, solved this same scenario, with just the use of a conventional Lathe thus:- With the Bulk reel, Coil, Drum, whatever, mounted on a simple horizontal Rod/Bar immediately above the working area of the extent of the travel of the tool-post and either 1 or 2 *take up* Drums/Spools mounted on any suitable spindle and just rotated as in conventional turning, but spooling up rather than turning.

With just a reasonably sophisticated lathe with a gearbox that will cover the speed range roughly 10.R.P.M. into the low hundreds (spindle speeds) we Can, Have. and still Do rewind on to smaller spools, i.e. (A) Bulk copper (shellacked) windings for transformer repairs,(B) Bulk stitcher Reels (Ex Muller Martini, H/berg binding lines, 50 Kilos+) rewound onto small reels for conventional Stitcher,s.!! (C) Decanting bulk, 10 kilo reels of welding wire (M.I.G. etc) down to 1.5 kilo reels for smaller portable welders… (D) probably most relevant, as above, re-spooling wider Hot foil including slitting X 2, just by using a slitting wheel *borrowed* from a Folding M/c.
The slitting wheel mounted in the Lathe tool post in place of a cutting tool.

***The slitting wheel,s and the perfing wheels (to let the air out on big 4/5/6 fold 32 page formes) normally male and female pairs, on the lathe for just one slit just required the reel to run over one male wheel.!!***

Heath Robinson, YES, certainly but as before *Necessity is (often) the mother of invention*

they make foil cutters for a few hundred dollars. top of the line cutter is 1200.00. ebay. otherwise, watch a few sales videos from these companies and note what the cutter looks like. i can post a pic of mine tomorrow. make that cutter set up, take to a machine shop and the lathe idea works. i have a small lathe here that i would let go. i could look into converting it to a cutter.

Ericm, Thank you for the *Nod* but please my ramblings were/are only offered as a *when all else fails* syndrome.
NOT, to sacrifice a good working M/c. Lathe etc - just temporary modifications/attatchments etc.

The whole shooting match inspired (wrong terminology maybe) by the purchase of an amazing Coil Winding machine from a closing down factory that made lamps, inc. Xenon, Vacuum exhausted, Mercury Vapour, Halogen, etc etc.

Bought the M/c. not to use, but for eventual Donation to local engineering museum.

The Lamp Works *MAXIM LAMPS* glorious downtown Sussex U.K. (probably still info on the Web.)?? but in any case Founded by, Sir Hiram Maxim, = Inventor of quick fire water cooled single barrel Gun.

Limey Humour follows.??

Sir Hiram, may have been a Competitor, Adversary, even Buddy of R. J. Gatling, Samuel Colt, etc.? Around the time(s) of Ottmar Mergenthaler, Tolbert Lanston, etc. perhaps Industrial Espionage, aint that new after all.

Greetings from Canada!

Do you have any tag and label companies near you? Most of those companies print in web (roll) form by flexo. Then they put the printed rolls on a rewinder. On the rewinder they can unwind the printed roll, inspect it, take out any bad printing or diecutting, and then wind it up again on a new core. Sometimes they wind it up on a different size core or in different sized rolls. The rewinder can usually go quite fast….probably hundreds of feet per minute. I don’t know how fragile the hot foil surface on your rolls is, but I would say there is a good chance they could rewind 60 m off one of your rolls and onto a new core, in a matter of a couple of minutes. I guess you would have to have them do a test roll to be sure they didn’t hurt the foil surface, but they might very well do foiling themselves and be familiar with handling that material. It would of course depend on whether they could unwind and rewind on the core size you require. It might be worth looking into. They could do it so fast that it might not cost very much.

I don’t know about your business, but assume you would not be a competitor of a high volume flexo label company, so if the label company were made aware of that, they would probably be more likely to help you. Who knows, you might even get some short run work from them and/or be able to steer some long run work, that is too much for you, to them……

Thanks All! EricM can you advise what you were searching on eBay? Im not coming up with anything that seems suitable? Thanks!

nevermind I thought it was the width of the roll :)
Maybe ask kellyskingsleys, they rewind all the material they sell.

This is the foil roll cutter made by me. You can cut the foil rolls into small lengths such as two inches or three inches also you can rewind the cutted rolls outer dia as per your need from three inches to 1.5 inches.

image: IMG_20150518_105559.jpg


This unit run by small 1/4 HP motor single phase 240volts. You can change the motor as per your electric supply in your country.

Ebay” foil cutter” just make sure you are in “printing and graphic arts”

At B&H Print Engineers we produce a foil cutter with a rewind facility to do just that job.
If you buy the standard rolls 120M x 640mm you can cut the length required then rewind half onto electrical conduit 15mm.
check the video:

At B&H Print Engineers we produce a foil cutter with a rewind facility to do just that job.
If you buy the standard rolls 120M x 640mm you can cut the length required then rewind half onto electrical conduit 15mm.
check the video:

image: foilcutter2.jpg