What Characters Are These

Some time ago, I bought a drawer of wood type. It has letters, etc, in several different sizes, but also has the characters in the attached photo. What are these? My wife thinks they are decorative and she is probably right, but if so, when would u use them?



image: 20150719_145033-1.jpg


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Those are indeed decorative ornaments. Usually you use them in pairs under a headline or to separate different types of information on posters :) But you can obviously use them for many other things too, be creative!

they’re called swages and dashes…

sorry swashes, not swages

Thanks for the info - my wife is pleased that she was right. I wasn’t wrong, i just didn’t know!


Hamilton offered these characters in wood in several sizes and designs and called them pointers. These were also available in foundry type and again were referred to as pointers.

Thank Fritz

Mine are wood and about 15-18 lines