Cutting Etch Press ?

Hey guys,

Me and my partner have been doing a few jobs now and were starting to pick up quite a bit so we want to make something out of it, we offer a variety of services apart from letterpress…lasercutting, foiling, die cutting, engraving etc and we were thinking of the name: “Cutting Etch Press”

What do you guys think ? Bit too long ? Would be great to hear your guys thoughts on it, maybe you have another suggestion :)


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Not an easy task at all to name your press. You don’t want to use one that’s already taken. I seriously doubt that this one is.

I had several pages of words written down (about 40 years ago!), trying to be unique/clever/cool/etc. Finally realized that I was a raw newby and simply a fool with a proof press, so I settled on The Foolproof Press. I’m still happy with my choice.

Look through the Registry of Private Press Names here on the Briar Press site to view the variety of names already out there. Also be aware that this list is not ALL ENCOMPASING and there are A LOT out there that are not on this list.


Spend a lot of time googling, as well. I don’t see anything with a quick scan but it’s worth looking.

I recently was emailed by someone seeking a book publisher, and they were looking for a press that existed some 50 years ago which my company shares a name with.

A name can help or hinder your business. Use a name that says what you do. Simple is better. You have to look at it, as if you’re the customer your going after, will they understand the name? You have 3 seconds to capture their attention.
A bad example of one, of my customers business names.
A.B. Associates - sales carpeting

An Italian restaurant opened up in downtown Annapolis that decided to call itself Lotsa Pasta. It didn’t fare well. I wondered if that style of naming humor possibly clashed with sit-down dining.

A nail salon opened around the corner from us in Brooklyn that is called You’ve Got Nail. They seem to do just fine. Just don’t ask them to kern anything for you.

So there- I have added nothing useful to this conversation!


image: nail.jpg


Huh, I thought that was a hardware store



With the obligatory, (printers) pointing hands, Left & Right. possibly picked out in Red and Green,! like *You will notice the name,* there aint much else. Thus:-


Unfortunately, Greater than (>) and Lesser than (<) Are the nearest for demo. Apologies.

Hey guys thanks for all the replies, weve settled on “The Original Press”, i work with a 13 x 18 windmill so we thought it fits well, got a cool idea for the logo aswell :)

I like that- nice, simple and versatile. It doesn’t alienate anyone and it doesn’t box you in. I look forward to seeing that logo!