Help / a break! / replacement part for Kelsey Excelsior Mercury Model 6x10

My press took quite the tumble during a move. It is a jarring experience. I believe it is the gooseneck that broke, but it looks a little more sophisticated that the Kelsey manual implies (e.g. different model/carriage style) and am worried that screw is part of the roller carriage and might be another part I have to take care of too.

I already wrote Excelsior Press about a gooseneck for sure but just wanted to reach out across the board about what parts I will need to replace, how much they will run me, and if it is worth it! This poor little guy is all I’ve got right now!

Please send me your thoughts!

image: break on gooseneck where it attaches to carriage

break on gooseneck where it attaches to carriage

image: Model info

Model info

image: Side view of part broken

Side view of part broken

image: part number?

part number?

image: detail


image: back view of broken gooseneck

back view of broken gooseneck

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I would start by getting it brazed back together and try it. A skilled welder should be able to fix that so it’s as good as new and you would be back in business.


This part can be repaired. If you are up to the task of removing the goose neck and need a bit of coaching… contact us. This is a straight forward brazed repair.

T and T Press Restoration

Hi Bob & Tom,

Thank you for letting me know it’s a strait forward brazing situation. A relief!

I just reached out to Paul Aken and says he knows a welder nearby. So here’s hoping that all works out. Conveniently I was moving the press north, so he is right on the way.