Polymer Plates

I have been trying my hand using Polymer Plates. The first few I got printed okay.

Now the past four I had made print like it a rubber stamp.

I brought the printing would be sharp and clear. The image and type print as I was doing rubber stamp work.

Using Box Car press deep base. I am not happy with the printing. I know it not the press, because I reset the job on the Intertype and used 16g magnesium plate mounted wood. And it printed good and sharp.

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For the last 4 of your plates which you had trouble with, what kind of photopolymer plates did you use? If they are soft photopolymer flexographic plates, they are very similar to rubber stamp plates. In fact, I think most “rubber” stamps today are made with them.

You need hard photopolymer letterpress plates.

Thank you, I think that might be the problem. Might be new employees at the place I get the plates made and might not know I need the hard plates.

You might consider ordering a plate or two from Boxcar for comparison. They do very nice work. You will still need to be sure that your rollers are in good condition and set well and that you are not over-inking, but I imagine you have got that covered.