Got to Love It—

The current Boggs on line auction has this gem:

and of course the “Speedline-table-top-press” is no such animal but a casting box made for casting stereotypes. It is shown in the pictures in a horizontal position, but in use the “table” is placed in the vertical position for pouring in the molten metal. What appears to be missing are the side bearers that contain the metal and make for a type high casting. Boggs has been doing this for over 40 years I believe in the graphic arts equipment and liquidation business, but what the heck, the “new” letterpress is reinventing things right and left.

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Hi Fritz,
If you like that one, here is a Hammond Easy Caster mould that the seller thinks would make a good mailbox base.


I live about 30 miles from Jack Boggs place. Known him for 30 years. I get to see in person what he’s selling.

Hey Theo, I am also close to Jack, half hour north, on the lake. Have bought some equipment from him and off his auction site. Jack is a great guy to talk with, he has lots of tales to tell. As for the casting box, I did not know what it was for until Fritz cleared that one up.