novice with ink

i have been building, running, and repairing Kluge presses for 35 years. foil, embossing, and die cutting, i am very good at.
now i am looking at a wedding project to where some ink may be in order. is there a difference in printing with polymer, magnesium, copper, or brass plate? the polymer, if this is preferred, i would need to have one you fine folks produce for me. i don’t see a need to invest, at least yet, into the process of making them myself. i have a windmill, and a kluge with ink. capabilities.
i am quite sure there are discussions on here about this. they are just not coming up in the “Search” feature.
i have done some numbering with ink, so i am not at the “what color is black” novice stage, but could use some advice on plates.

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If you use polymer you will need a base of some sort. You can have mag plates (or other types) mounted type high. If you use foil plates you already know how to mount them. They will all carry ink, it’s just a question of how good your rollers are and how well you make-ready.

okay, thanks. that was the big question, “will one accept ink worse than another. the run is only 200 so, even if i mount and ink by hand, it is not the end of the world. at least, this is what i am thinking at this point. like i say, i am quite naive to the “ink world”

Polymer can be fussy. It’s hard to beat copper. Prob’ly some varied opinions out there, but that’s my two cents …

My advice would be that the type of plate system you are used to mounting- being metal plates- is better for you.
“Stick to what you know” as they say.
Introducing polymer into the equation rather than using metal plates is likely to just cause another set of un-encountered variables, is what I mean- Polymer is dead simple when you practice it a lot and have a good base, know how to stick it down effectively, and know how to look for air bubbles or other problems during a run.

But Magnesium is pretty dang easy, especially if you already have a system to mount the stuff! (sounds like you do)