Counter for Vandercook Universal I

I’m looking for a counter for my Vandercook Universal I and already tried the folks who serve the Vandercook community (NA Graphics, Letterpress Things, etc.). Anyone have one for sale or know of other possible sources? Thanks, Neil

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I have seen a Vandercook with counter added by putting a slot in the far edge of the feed table and mounting a counter with a long attached lever which would activate each time the cylinder returned to the feed board.
I have attached a photo of my Pilot with a counter attached, if that gives you any ideas..

John H.

image: Pilot Counter.JPG

Pilot Counter.JPG

Thank you John and we also added one to the SP-15 at our art center. I just need to find one. Neil

Hello Neil,
If you do a search on eBay for ‘Veeder Root counter’ you will find a bunch to choose from. Be careful to note the direction of travel for the plunger.


Thanks so much. Neil

One thing I have noted is that it is kind of easy to hand count sheets, make piles of say, 25, stagger them, and keep track of how many you’re running through…… I know a counter is a good thing on a press that runs so fast you have no idea how to keep track as you go, or an auto feeder, but why do you need one for a vandercook? The practical purpose, that is?