All work and no play

The first time Dave Seat came to my shop about 15 or so years ago to work on my hot metal equipment, I was astounded that almost as soon as he said hello, he was at work deep into the Linotype or Ludlow. And that work ethic continues today, but at least now when he visits in Silverton with wife Beth, the Seats take some time to relax and enjoy a taste of the mountains. Twice now they have been here on Mother’s Day, the first time in a white out blizzard, and last weekend for the opening day of our local railroad for the summer and the grand reopening of Silverton’s landmark hotel, the Grand Imperial. The railroad, who now owns the hotel, just posted pictures of the event and they posted a bunch of pictures of the weekend. If you follow this link, the third picture from the left, top row is Dave, Beth, and me chatting with the hotel’s owner, who was working as a bus person, while we ate dinner. The railroad concluded the evening with a spectacular fire works display, so we like to treat the Seats with a warm welcome. The following day, Dave and I did some 4 wheel driving going up to one of our ghost towns. Dave left behind an Elrod so that we can start casting leads and slugs, so there was some letterpress involved.

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Great stuff and fun photos! I hope you’ll post here again when you have leads and slugs available to sell.


That’s a great bunch of photos, Fritz! I sometimes wonder what the regulars on this site look like. Being a RR nut as well as a printing nut, and having fired standard gauge locomotives a few times many years ago, I really enjoyed them. Thanks for posting.

Great Story. ! Thanks for sharing

The leads and slugs are already on our web site, available 2 pt. to 36 pt. in 10 pound increments. I have roughly 6000 pounds of type metal sitting in my shop waiting to be cast.

Dave and Beth had been up in Canada not too long ago and stopped by and visited with Phil Ambrosi, and brought back pictures to prove it.It is sort of like big game hunting getting the elusive prey.

The railroad photos great. Visit I had the money to come visit!

Add some Army stuff and the picture would be complete.