Hot Foil Stamping on 100% Cotton

Yesterday I was doing some test foil stamping with Kwikprint 86 on Holyoke 280# Cotton cover stock. On smooth cover stock I get a sharp image, with the same Ludlow Lines I get broken image and only 50% coverage.

I had the heat at just pass the 200 mark. Should I not think about foil stamping on Cotton stock?

Also the foil was brand new from a supplier.

The Ludlow lines was 18 Tempo Black.

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You might try stamping blind (without foil) for a first impression and then stamping with foil with a second impression. The first one will smooth out the texture and the second will lay down the foil.

You will have to secure the piece to the platen (could use spring clips to hold in place) so the piece doesn’t move between impressions.

You would have a better experience with a typeface with less surface, but you should be able to stamp with the Ludlow Black as well.

John H.

I suspect a problem may occur because the softer cotton stock will permit or require a deep impression to get a solid enough hit for the foil, and that means the stock stretches as it gives, allowing the foil to be pulled and dragged parallel to the surface and causing adhesion problems. I also expect that the edges of the image as it punches into the paper will cause foil to adhere to the sides of the impression as well as to the face impression of the type, thus blurring the image. Seems like you may need two dies, a fatter-image one for the blind impression and a thinner-image one for the foil. Lots of expense and work!


Boxcar has some good tips on foil stamping for designers here:

Keep in mind that at Boxcar they foil stamp on Heidelbergs.


Any type of spongy material will give you a less desirable result. What you can do in a Pinch, hit hard and deep with no Foil, pump up the Temp by 15-20 degrees, let the Kwikprint level out and than hit hard and fast!!!
You may have to do it twice, but that usually works.

The Arm, unless things have changed, Boxcar uses EHD Kluges for foil work.

I concur with the other commenters. Treat it like leather. Do a firm blind stamp to smooth the paper and create the initial impression, and then strike with the foil. You may have to do some experimentation with temperature and pressure before you get your best results.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN