Five Roses?

Just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to the letterpress resource, ? I always appreciated being able to send new letterpress printers there for more information.

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Here is the last snapshot before it went offline

David S. Rose put that site together back when there weren’t too many other resources online for amateur letterpress printers. You may recall that David was recently back on this site to give away a Colt’s Armory platen press that he had in storage.

If I recall correctly, his employee/librarian Paul Romaine was tasked with keeping the Five Roses site online and up to date. This is speculation, but I would guess that at some point after Paul moved on to other employment, the domain registration lapsed and the site went offline. It was a great little online reference that I visited a lot over the years, but a number of other things have popped up in more recent years and it may have felt less critical to preserve it.

For quite a long time, if you Googled the word letterpress, it was the first listing showing. I though that was a pretty impressive achievement!


ah. ok. That makes sense. Thanks, Dan! And thanks rmiller021 for posting a link to the snapshot! :)

Hi Folks! David here. The problem is that the hosting provider for Five Roses, Verio, was acquired and went through a wrenching migration, which took the site offline. I’m in the process of trying to get everything re-established. Stay tuned!

-David (who should be able to be reached, at least in the interim, at [email protected])

Hurray David
We wish you success and soon. It was a great resource for my students and I hope it will be so again.

Thanks for your work David! It was a valuable resource for me when I first discovered letterpress and I have pointed many newbies towards the site also. Best of luck with getting it up and running soon!
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