Can I keep a C&P in my garage (in Kansas)?

I’m deciding to keep my newly-acquired old style 10x15 Chandler & Price in my uninsulated garage.

How problematic will temperature or other environmental factors be to operated it?

What extra measures do I need to do to maintain it?

(Is this a terrible idea?)

image: Cu725rmUEAUNAYp.jpg


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Not a terrible idea for the press. The operator will regret it in the winter and summer. Probably much of the spring and fall, too. In the winter the ink won’t flow, You might want to put a heat source under the ink table and store the table and all ink inside during the winter. In the summer you’ll get uncomfortably sweaty.

I tried this for a couple of weeks in a Michigan fall.Then I put the press in the basement, where it belongs. It went there in pieces and then was reassembled in place.

Why not insulate the garage? That’s relatively easy for anyone to do, then drywall it, maybe weather seal the door openings and then you have a usable shop. Not knowing where you are located, but basements are damp and often have narrow, difficult stairways. Basement locations are a real pain, especially as the equipment loads up and then a move is required—this may be extreme, but this is what it took for me to get equipment out of a basement that had 4 foot wide concrete stairs that also included a C&P 10x15 not shown in these photos:


Definitely insulate the garage. If you can’t afford a heating system, an electric oil radiator will keep it from freezing. If you can afford to heat it, you can print all winter. Cold iron is not happy iron…

Hey Nate, yeah, insulate that garage a bit. Also maybe consider a rubber mat to stand on. You’re gonna be out there a long time, so make yourself comfortable. Also, if you’re cold and miserable, you’re prone to make mistakes and possibly hurt yourself.

maybe some experts here can give us guidelines when lead type is more prone to start oxidising………temp and humidity factors , time,for example…………………………………… type taking longer to start to degrade than second hand which is unknown what storage conditions might have been…………….? Thanks in advance.

it only takes moisture for type to oxidize, Ideally a Printshop maintains 40-50 % Humidity at a comfortable warmth in the Room.
Pending what you Print with, it may change, Large offset shops here have Misters running all day.
Cold and moisture creates Rust, binds the equipment and deteriorates Presses and Furnitures alike.