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Hi, I am prepairing to ship 3 presses ( Heidelberg, golding and c&P) from CT to CA. lBesides having them well crated, is there any thing else i need to do to the actual machine to prep it for shipment? such as saran wrap it all together or take all loose pieces off. thanks!

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insure it well.

I would start with a sturdy skid, or make an appropriate sized skid, so there are forklift holes at the bottom. Don’t just put wood 2X4s or 4X4s at the bottom, because the crate can tip off of those when being picked up by a forklift. If the trucking company’s forklift tines have to go through a hole at the bottom of the skid, it can’t tip off.

Make the walls and top of the crate out of at least “1 by” material (3/4” thick), e.g 1X10 boards or 3/4” plywood, with at least 2X4s at the corners. Secure the press firmly to 2X4s or 4X4s at the base of the crate, with bolts or lag bolts.

For the Golding and C&P, close the presses and secure them closed with rope or etc. I don’t know about the Heidelberg, hopefully someone else will be able to comment on that. Secure all loose parts which might come loose in transit. It probably would be a good idea to take off small parts which could break if the crate were to fall over, etc.

Before putting the lid on the crate, about half to 2/3 of the way up, I would put in wood horizontal braces between opposite walls, which touch the major castings, and which would hold the press in position if the crate were to fall on its side.

I make no guarantees that this will be successful, but the more substantial the crate and the more braces there are (diagonal braces are also good), the better the chances are that the move will be successful.

Good luck!