Diecut chipboard

We have a windmill and are wondering about die cutting 50 pt chipboard. We want to any feedback as to what may be a problem, or any help that might make the process go smoother. I guess the math of a die plate plus the stock is also giving me concern, in theory it should not be possible. Also, what other ways are there to die cut 50pt chipboard.

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If you can feed it you can cut it. You are die cutting not printing so the .040” rule does not apply. Make sure your gripper arms do not touch the plate. Depending on your gripper arms you may be better off with a die made in .923 or.927” cut.

Most Heidelberg die jackets are .030, especially the “snap jackets” The factory style (which gives the full 10 x 13 (and some) cutting area) have two lugs and may be slightly thicker, though I don’t think Heidelberg would have made them thicker than the maximum packing thickness.

Make sure the die is sharp (re-steel if required) and mind the amount of rule in the form, as thicker stock will probably require more force in cutting.

if available i would recommend a “Long Center Bevel” rule.. this will give less drag during the cut, and tend to separate the cut less. it will also require less ejection rubber to keep the piece in the parent sheet.

Chipboard will dull your die quicker than any other paper. Back off your impression and work up to what you want. This would be the safest way to avoid smashing anything. Run slow and never leave your press.

depends if chipboard is recycled or virgin. recycled i grant you, is very popular.

Thank you all for the feedback. I will let you know how this works out.