What does this mean 23 Shore Hardness

Listed on ebay:
Roller for Miehle V-50 Letterpress Printing Press -
23 Shore Hardness

I see a Miehle V-50 Letterpres rollers listed at Shore Hardness
what is this rating?

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In the U.K. and presumably the same elsewhere, inc. Stateside? generally regarded as method to determine the hardness for the compound on Rollers… System used and implimented to advantage when having rollers recovered/reground for Machines across the range, Tabletops to Large Platens where variations to the image medium and worn Trucks or Rails are an issue.
We have and still do specify where possible, for just a pair or three where relevant, Shore hardness (durometer) of 2 different standards, seems to work with a mixture of Type and/or P.P. i.e. 2 chances for improved coverage.!!


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Shore hardness is a measure of the hardness of rubber or other elastomeric materials. There is an associated test instrument which is used to measure that hardness. The Shore A scale, which printers use, goes from 0 (the softest rubber that can be measured using the A scale) to 100 (the hardest rubber that can be measured using the A scale).

The hardness is often called the durometer.

Letterpress rollers usually have a hardness of around 20, give or take, so the rollers you are looking at, at 23 Shore hardness or 23 durometer, are in the range where they should be.

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