Just purchased a new press

I am a theatrical designer and just purchased a Challenge press. For use in a show. It’s been in a barn for 30+ years but after a lot of penetrating oil and patience I’ve got it so it cycles. It does have a type holder(chase?) and I got 3 roller cores 2 of which have trucks. Here are a couple of photos. Anybody have ideas on age or information? Says Shniedewend and Lee Co. Chicago. Does this predate the Challenge Printing Co move? Its got the foot treadle and will make a great prop for Newsies. I just want to know what I don’t know. Thanks

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If you want to use it in a show you will need move it around. In a UK production of the Wipers Times the platen press is on wheels so it can be moved on stage as required and braked in some way when it is treadled.

Shniedewend & Lee was the original company founded in 1870, primarily as electrotypers. They expanded their offerings into equipment over the years until 1893, when Shniedewend sold out and started his own company. Lee then changed the company name to The Challenge Machinery Co. So I would say your press probably dates from the late 1880s or early 1890s.