Anyone recognise this press?


Does anyone recognise this press, which is currently for sale on ebay?

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When I first saw this on eBay I tried to identify it and had no luck. The square holes in the frame make it pretty unique in appearance. It is not a UK made press.

I was interested in it, but actually looking closer there seems to be a bit of welding on broken cast parts. The owner says it has worked well for the 10 years they have had it, but then they would wouldn’t they!

It has features very similar to a couple of presses built by John M. Jones in Palmyra, NY USA at different times, his Star, Lightning, and Clipper most similar. The large curved link on the left side is different, however. Several of the successful American designs were copied, with minor changes, in Britain and on the Continent, so comparisons aren’t easy. It’s an intriguing machine.


That’s really interesting AdLibPress - I will look them up.

I guess the proof would be to ask to see some examples of work they have produced on it?


I can see the resemblance to the Jone Presses - I can only find a picture of the lightening. But yes, real similarities.

Is there anything to watch out for when buying these unknown makers?


I took the plunge and went and got the press. It’s a good solid lump of Victorian engineering, which needs a clean up and a bit of tlc, but is in good condition given its age.

Photo’s attached, just in case anyone new to the thread happens to recognise it - there is no name that I have found yet.


image: Press 2.jpg

Press 2.jpg

image: Press 1.jpg

Press 1.jpg