Running with guides

After fixing all the little issues with my guides I now prefer to run all jobs in that manner for fine accuracy. The issue at times is the abilty to run a smaller sheet due to either printing or die cutting limitations. We run only brass guides and that means a little inset for printing and die cutting at the bottom of the sheet due to the guide. We use alot of 4 x 6 or smaller and will grip the 4 with lay guides along the 6. We are wondering if we grip the 6 and run the lay guide along the 4 if the sheet will register as well or if it will want to pop scewed. We also wonder if Nickel guides register as well as Brass and cant figure out why there are 2 types of guides. I know part of the reason is the inset. We wonder what the plus and minus factors arefor each type of guide.

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This is in the manual. nickel guides less margin than brass. Yes you can (grip)side guide the 6” and front lay the 4” but may rock esp. at higher speeds

Hi Mike ( Mr. Conway) I saw and converted the different margins for the 2 guides. What I was not sure about is what is the drawback if any to the Nickel guides. There have been times when that little diffference would be a big help but I dont know if the Nickel guides have any negitive issues. Also thanks for the info on switching the grip and guide, I wondered about that. We keep learning, trying, cursing and drinking - it is all good with your help.

Nickel guides have less margin than brass and if used correctly are just as good. The main drawback I find is when die cutting with nickel guides they can make contact with the lower part of some die jackets and put things out of register. It is important to make sure that the guides have freedom of movement to operate. Some of my guides and die jackets have been modified(ground, cut away or filed) to get the best product produced. The press manual is a great reference but sometimes I will push the envelope. For example have some crease and perf rule notched at the end so it hangs about .25” below the chase, apply rule, banding iron or the like to the platen an allow it to be below the bottom of the platen. make sure nothing will interfere with the guides. now the cantilever effect will allow you to crease the whole sheet using even brass guides. Western 411 I will remove this post soon as most operators should not attempt this.

Mike, thank you that is great feed back and now I better understand the 2 guides differences. I appreciated the time you take to help those of us with less knowledge become better pressmen. The other day I needed 1/16 more adjustment than I had. I had moved my printing at the last minute and when it cam time to die cut I did not have enough movement with the brass guide. I ended up taking excess photopolymer plate triming and cut one to the thickness of the inside of the brass guides. I peeled off the backing and it sat true true for a the whole run. I moved the stock in a little so it would not catch the raised guide face. At the time it felt like a stupid fix but it worked.