Setting Up a Home Print Shop

Today I am going to set up a new home print shop with plenty of work space, extensive storage and a desk for computers/scanners.

Its too bad about the dining room.

Photos later…

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Dining Rooms are waaaay over-rated!

Good first step. I remember back in the day when I had to install a few floor-jacks in my basement to ensure that my Washington handpress wouldn’t come crashing down through the parlor floor.


Here are a couple of jpeg’s. Not finished yet, not even really started yet, but the heavy stuff has all been placed more or less where it will be.

Some notes: Panasonic AM/FM radio on the desk actually has tubes in it. Yes it works. Apple 512K on the tesk is a clever disguise. There is a Raspberry Pi III inside it. IBM second generation “clickety” keyboard with a USB adapter. Had to salvage some of the keys from an old Compaq keyboard. You can do anything with hot-glue and an Xacto knife.

“Pixar” lamp on the work table came with a bunch of reloading supplies I purchased from a widow lady who was clearing out her husband’s “stuff”. Had a bad moment when she pointed out the box and it had a WWII era Bofors 40mm shell sticking out of it. The (mostly) muzzle-loading weaponry on the wall kinda goes along with that freedom of the press thing. Staff above the T/C Senneca .36 caliber rifle is my autistic son’s last school project before he graduated from high school.

Press is a Craftsmen Superior 8.5” x 10”. Yes, the rails and the trucks are both taped. Washers are epoxied to the trucks and glued to the cores. They no longer roll off the rails. Soft floor matts are from Harbor Freight Tools. They do save a little pain by the end of a long press run.

All in all, this promises to be much more useful room than the dining room ever was. We moved the dining room table into the kitchen and ate lunch there earlier today. That also seems to be easier than carrying everything into the dining room.

Probably will still make a few tweaks as I start stowing stuff in more or less logical places.

Stay tuned.

image: DSC03136.JPG


image: DSC03135.JPG


Looks like you need a Colt’s platen press!

I like it, printing and past due bill collecting handled in same room.

I do need a Colt’s press! It would go nicely with the pair of Colt’s revolvers I wear to work every morning. Unfortunately, nobody ever offered me one for sale and I would not have the $$$ if they did.

As to past due bill collecting, well, not so much. That sort of method is frowned upon these days even in the wild North woods of Wisconsin. Kind of went out with trading your daughter off for the balance… and muzzle loading rifles like the ones on my wall for that matter.

I’ve since discovered that I still don’t have sufficient working space and that the cat likes to chew on my floor matts.