Is there a varnish that can be printed off woodblock? That would print, clean up and not hurt the wood?

many thanks

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A standard overprint varnish should work. If you just want to print an clear image in a glossy or matte finish, you should have no problems with any varnish dedigned for use as an overprinting varnish from any ink supplier.

They are generally less viscous (thick) and much less tacky than a standard ink. They work best on less porous papers, but can be done in several impressions to build the thickness of the clear layer on more absorbent stock.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

You want to be careful with the ‘standard overprint varnish’
I remember a stack 4 foot high of some decent SRA2 art
off a 5 colour press (4-process and varnish) all stuck together in a solid block, that you could’nt separate with a fire axe. Yes, yes, I know we should have done a 4-process run, and let that dry and then a varnish run a couple of days later, but the ink maker assured us … and we believed him … heigh ho …

Take small lifts of sheets off the press, and stack them in small lifts so the weight won’t compress them. If you can, use anti-offset spray powder (potato starch, among others).

If the sheets are stiff enough, standing them on edge will help eliminate sheet-to-sheet pressure.