Moving Presses

Hey Folks,
I am going to be moving my shop about 10 miles in the near future. The move will include an Vandy Uni 1 and an 8x12 C&P, along with a few hundred cases of type.
I’ve moved all these presses in and out over a period of years and fortunately both the access out and in is ground level right off the driveway.
For this move I do not want to rent a truck and struggle with getting them up and off the truck.
I’ve seen several of you post pix of presses being moved on roll-off flatbed car towing trucks.
I’m wondering, for those that have used such services how you found them. Car guys want to do cars, riggers want to do heavy work. Any thoughts?

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flat bed drivers have moved quite a variety of stuff. call around for their experience and comfort with presses. don’t forget insurance on both ends.

Hello Steve,
I have used Pedowitz quite a bit. They are not cheap, but are reliable and do a good job.


At The Printing Museum we find a dropdeck trailer is the fastest and safest way to move presses. Roll-on, roll-off.

Roger Tappy in Indiana is good. He’s here on Briarpress. We just did a 10 mile move across town, no problems. And he made sure the machines were level, which some riggers forget to do.