Had a short-lived volley with someone wanting to buy my Charles Brandt. Certified Check was how they wanted to pay. When I insisted on PayPal they got abusive. They texted me from this number: 267-719-5052

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One scam that has hit printer’s classified ads in the past is to send a forged check for more than the asking price, and to ask for a refund of the balance.

Yeah I think this may be happening to me currently.

I’m gonna probably cash the check instead of deposit it though, and laugh on the way to the bank.

A google voice number has been contacting me about my windmill for sale, and has offered to send me the payment VIA cashiers check; at every turn they have been subtly evasive.

In fact, if that user is on here and cares to validate their request to purchase my windmill, and they see this thread, please- feel free to vouch for yourself on here in the open.

I’ve sent a link to you for that purpose and I hope you’ll consider moving that forward.

i had a guy try to scam me off Craig’s List years ago.. his schpeal was right out of the play book. i figured he was a scam and when he asked for my address, (as he would not use paypal either), i gave him the address for our local police dept.. it was funny as the internet detective and i had a good laugh.