heidelberg windmill Folding forms blade and female counterpart??

for Creasing / folding 120 g paper can any one recommend a female counterpart for Heidelberg wind mill press the ones that I have interfere with the grippers?? see image. Do I use with no packing?

image: t_nr1gewoon.jpg


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Why not use 2 strips of card affixed to the packing with double sided tape leaving about a 1/16 of an inch gap between the 2 strips, it works for me. I have never used a counter.

The norm at my new employer is one to three strips of duct tape. I have say it really is quick and suffices most needs. No gap. I usually have it two layers on a scrap piece of crease rule. I have two sided tape holding the rule to the platen which peel off after and reuse several times.

there are basically 2 kinds of creasing matrix out there. first is the “Metal based” this stands higher off the plate than the “Mylar based”. I would highly recommend the Mylar. It is about .010”-.015” lower in height. it may be enough to solve your problem. i would also recommend using a very durable stock, even steel/brass/aluminum “Shim” stock(.003”-.005”) to build a “Ramp in front of the matrix if still needed. Some windmills, the arms sweep so close as to leave marks on the plate. You need to “Bump them up” a bit to clear matrix. Finalize the “Lead In” on your “Ramp” with something real thin like “Scotch” tape
“Kraft ” paper tape may work well for you also, thinner than duct tape and doesn’t “Roll up” if knicked.

remove the locater from the platen immediately after impression or the gripper arm will hit it.

In the 40s-50s we used a piece of steel banding strap. Made 2 narrow slits in the tympen to slip each end into and mounted the band on the tympem and held it in place with a length of. scotch tape.