Squintani Model 5 details required

Carrying on with my search for information on the Model 5, I discovered an anomaly created by the previous owner. It seems the inking roller assembly is upside down and there is about a 3mm gap between the roller and the inking plate. Will have to dismantle this and work out what the guy did wrong. Some close up photos from anyone that has this or a Model 6 would be useful.

In the meantime, I have finished the work table (yes, it is not to the original design but I have not been able to find any images of what that would have looked like and this is functional). Also, I am in the process of designing the 7”x11” chase. If anyone has the actual dimensions, that would be grand otherwise I will have to make a mockup from wood and then see about getting some forged or cast.

image: IMG_20180616_080738939.jpg


image: IMG_20180616_080808631.jpg


image: IMG_20180616_080822131.jpg


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Best feed table since Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

image: Feed Table.jpg

Feed Table.jpg

There is a picture of a No6 in this set and a couple of ads. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157638161138473

Modern Times, one of my favourite movies.

Thanks platenprinter. I have gone through your pics before but unfortunately the Model 6 does not provide sufficient resolution to see what I am looking for. The ads are all at variance to my version of press.

Here are a couple of close ups to show what I am talking about.

image: IMG_20180624_124015445_HDR.jpg


image: IMG_20180624_123939931.jpg


Awesome feed table!