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I can understand the requirement that photo files are required to be jpegs, etc., but when I go on the web to find how I can convert my photos from my iPhone SE into jpegs, I’m finding it impossible to do that. Very strange. I haven’t had this problem before. Am I doing something wrong?

Richard M.

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those durn i fones… can you email to a laptop then download and “Save as”?

I think photos taken by iphones are .jpegs so there are no instructions written out there to convert them. I have a iphoneSE and every photo I’ve ever taken with it is a .jpeg.
When you send them somewhere what kind of file extension are you getting?

Oh, turns out there’s a new file format for OS11 to store photos, .HEIC or .HEIF which may confound Windows computers. Wiki file info below.

There are several workarounds including turning off the feature on your iphone or using web based converters, etc.

These instructions off the net:
If your photos are showing up as .heic or .heif format and Windows can’t open them the reason is that Apple started using that format in iphones starting with OS11 to save memory space. Windows does not yet open those files. You can use a converter program for Windows or you can change the settings on your iphone to go back to .jpeg. To change your settings to save pictures as .jpeg again open settings, camera, formats and change setting to “most compatible”. To just change how your iphone sends photos so that others will receive them as .jpeg then go to settings, photos and choose “Automatic”.

Many thanks to all who responded. I got the answer.
When moving a file attachment from the email body to the desktop, don’t mess with prompt box. I tried replacing everything in the prompt box with the intended name, thus wiping out “jpg”. That’s what caused the problem.
Silly me. The good news was that I learned this information without spending any money. Imagine, revealing ignorance & stupidity to the entire briarpress world! Lord have mercy!

Hey thanks to your comment and a little research I learned that Apple now has it’s own proprietary photo compression that no body else supports. That might come in handy to know. Thank you