Challenge blade sharpening

Where do printers in Fort Wayne Indiana go to have their Challenge paper cutter knives resharpened? I can’t seem to find anyone local that specializes in printers knives. I have 35” high speed steel knives to sharpen.

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The best way is to go to a local printer, tell them what you do, and ask them. When they find out you are not a big direct competitor, they will usually be happy to help you. Printers usually have relationships with machine knife makers and sharpeners where the blades are picked up, sharpened, and then delivered back. Keeping knives sharp is a picky little time waster for printers, and the knife companies are only too happy to make it as easy as possible for them.

If you develop a rapport with a printer, down the road you might get some open cans of ink from them as well. They usually have an abundance of leftover PMS matches from old customers, which they will be happy to get rid of, and which would otherwise cost them to get rid of.

Try to find a medium to large-ish printer with actual presses, instead of a small store-front digital printer.

Another possibility would be if there is a local paper company, they will know, because they almost always have a cutter to cut paper to size for their customers on request.

My advice is to contact Colter and Peterson and ask them.

Tel: 973-684-0901

They are one of the biggest paper cutter retrofit/sales companies in the USA. If they don’t service your area they will likely know a good knife grinder who does.

Good luck!

bppayne…. I feel your pain. We used to have a first-class sharpening service where I live, but he has passed away leaving no-one to carry on the work.

I started using Graphic Arts Supply in Hobart Indiana. They have a local salesman in Fort Wayne that does pick up and delivery. Excellent, reasonable cost for sharpening.

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