Dayton Ohio Aviation Heritage National Historic Park

This morning I visited the Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. I live very close by. The museum located in the park is about Paul Laurence Dunbar, and the Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers, if some don’t know, where the first in flight, by inventing the Wright flyer.

The Wright Brothers started a newspaper printing business in the 1880s, where they used letterpress printing machines like we all use today. It was awesome to see some of the original presses and handmade press that the Wright Brothers used to print the newspaper on.

I added a link to where you can see the images.

There was also one other press that the Wright Brothers themselves built, out of wood! but it was under a white cloth.


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Very cool. The original building was moved by Henry Ford to Dearborn, MI between 1936 and 1938, but the artifacts preserved there focus on bicycle and airplane building.


The Wrights occupied a number of shops in Dayton over their years there, and the museum in the post above is located in one of the original shops. Dayton is s very interesting city to visit. There is a working letterpress printing shop at Carrillon Historical Park which was a great glimpse into the printing industry of the mid 20th Century.

The National Air Force Museum is also a great visit while there.

John Henry

first in Powered/controlled flight that is… the first true “airplane”

Looks like the quoin in the form on the Prouty press have worked off. Somebody should drop by and remedy the situation. Otherwise a neat exhibit.