Double and Triple thick cardstocks?

I’m new to letterpress so I’m still discovering the various paper suppliers online. I am wondering if anyone knows of a supplier that has the triplex cardstock (similar to Luxe). I’m also wondering if there are any double layer papers that are colored on one side and white on the other - I’ve only found one and its black/white. I’m looking for other color options. Do paper suppliers have these or do most people make their own double and triple layer paper to achieve these effects? I know about the ultra thick Legion Papers, those are nice for most things, but only come in white/off white/Ecru, etc.

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Neenah sell multiple duplex colors of Classic Crest and Classic Linen.

There can be no higher recommendation than GF Smith:

I assume Holly Kincaid is stateside, like Continental USA,
whereas Ptolemy Phil is UK Based and forgets we’re are an international Sandbox here, so importing a couple sheets from Uk to US costs more in Shipping etc than the paper is worth.

Usually if one of us needs a thicker stock or play with different colored sheets etc, we just glue them together (duplexing)

The Moo sheets are a compression acting paper. They are collated together and sealed by compression when cutting. with luck the might even stay together. True duplexed sheets are custom made. As typenut says, you generally make you own.

There is also Ruche by CTI papers.

G F Smith Ltd here in the UK used to run a laminating service and I have bought white backed with red ”Colorplan’ ‘in the past! They may still do so. I believe their heaviest stock weights (i.e. 300gsm upwards) are indeed laminated.