Specs for Poco No.0 bed?

Hi everyone,

a while back I moved from the US, and left a few things behind in storage. One of them, and the last thing remaining, being the bed of my Poco.

I am looking to have it picked up from storage, crated and shipped, but the shipping company needs specs to quote me on the process.

Does anyone know the length, width, height and weight of a Poco No.0 bed, by any chance?

I know the “bed size” is 12x18, but I need the size of the whole thing, including rails and edges, not just the “chase” area.

Thank you,

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Here’s a pdf from page 928 of the 1923 American Type Founders Specimen Book & Catalogue


Hei Paul,

thank you for the reference. Sadly, it only lists the inside bed size (12x18, red in the image below) whereas I need the full size (blue square) to get a crate-quote.

I can of course make a decent guess based on this photo I found hidden away on my HD, since I know the measurement of part of it… but if anyone has one handy, I would really appreciate exact measurements. :)

Thanks again!


image: pocobed.jpg



As best as I can measure ours without removing the bed is 14 3/4” wide, 26 3/8” long, 2 3/8” thick. I do not have an estimate of the weight.


John, thank you very much!

I did some photoshop-measuring earlier and arrived at an estimate of 26x15.5, so I wasn’t too far off! Based on that I’ve requested a quote from a few different places.

I estimated the bed at around 70-80 lbs based on the total press weight in Paul’s source, and the memory of how it felt lugging it about after the original disassembly.

Hopefully it’ll soon be on its way here, and doing its job as a press once more.