Christmas and Chanukah cards

It is time for my annual invitation to you to post your printed Christmas and Chanukah cards.
It is not bragging when you respond to an invitation. It is sharing. We who are less creative and artistic enjoy your work. Those who are creative and artistic do also.

Happy ChrisHanZa.


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Thanks for the yearly invitation! I’m sharing my card which is printed from one woodcut and one linocut on recycled paper. Run on a Vandercook Universal 1.

image: Owlcard.jpg


This is not a contest, but you win the prize for first in.
Nice work. Thank you.


Wood engraving printed on Masa paper with a 6 x 10 Kelsey tabletop press and mounted on black card stock…..entitled ‘Homefires’……..db

image: IMG_0425.JPG


Very nice David!

Run on 12 x 18 Kluge
111# Gmund Max White
Ted Lavin Artificer Press

image: 20191212_144235_resized.jpg


Does an advent calendar count? Printed with wood type and metal figures and ornaments on a Vandercook 4, doors cut by hand with a box cutter. Hm, I wonder if there might be a more efficient way to do that…

image: advent_calendar_2019.jpg


Audax, I love the advent calendar! Nifty idea.

Nothing too fancy. All handset, printed on a on a C&P, found this great halftone Santa online

image: 2020Card.png


Thanks everyone for sharing, enjoying these!

Found this great cut at the Iowa Printers’ Fair. Could not pass it up.

Okay people, why won’t the image post? Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? I get the uploading message, but nothing happens.

Hi Lauri,

Try making your image smaller and/or lower resolution to reduce the file size.


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Cards I created for people who love Tractors.
Printed on a Heidelberg Windmill, mag cuts and Ludlow lines of type. I have many others.

image: IMG_0960.PNG


Not really cards but thought of sharing these Christmas coasters run on a 10x15 windmill. Happy Holidays everyone!

image: Rudolph Coasters.jpg

Rudolph Coasters.jpg

Our Seasonal Greeting card, Happy Holidays to you all!

image: WelcomeYule.png


These were just a little something we printed for our store. Made with Steve Moore’s wood type ornament pieces.

image: holidayOrnaments.jpg


these were my first multi-plate project. I am super excited about them even though they’re not perfect :)

image: D7200D2C-5659-4626-8EC3-62D23B578BFA-344-0000000BF83D6257.JPG


A little late but here is my card this year:
This is my third attempt at printing on my windmill.
Been die cutting, creasing, perfing & numbering forever but not printing.(not so hard! even a caveman could do it) :)
Stock: Strathmore Pure Cotton
Front of card: 2 colors Red & Green
Inside card: Transparent Silver & Dark Blue
Envelope Liner: Digital
sorry for the shoddy pictures taken with cheap phone

image: Envelope.jpg


image: Card Inside.jpg

Card Inside.jpg

image: Card Front.jpg

Card Front.jpg

Thank all of you for submitting your work for all of us to enjoy.

Get started now for next Christmas.

Happy New Year to all.