calibrating a glue machine

I print jar labels for a customer who switched from adhesive stock to using a small Potdevin cold glue machine. After years of use, the machine is now applying excess glue, enough to migrate around to the front of the label. Potdevin tells her the machine needs to be “recalibrated” for $450.
Does anyone here have any experience with this, or alternatives?

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“Caliberation” prob consists of checking bearings for slop, check roller mesh speed(check for play between rollers) then setting the rollers for squareness, parallel, and gap.

It may also be an issue of the type of Potdevin, lable paster vs. gluer. Is the glue coming through the paper or from around the edges. What type and how thick of a paper was used? There may be different glues for different paper types and surface applications. You may want a different glue to past a label on a box than you would paper on glass. We use some gluefast glues we like and keep trying new ones. Water based glues will combine surface with the paper sort of breaking it down. When the paper is pressed onto itself it molds the 2 paper together. I am not sure how it would work with a glass Jar. You might talk to Jim at Before fixing the machine you want to make sure you are using the the best application components.