Printing on the Iron Handpress

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Topic: Printing on the Iron Handpress
Time: Jun 26, 2020 01:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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I have Printed 28 Books and 51 Broadsides (28x42 inches) on my Handpress, on Mould made and asian papers as light as 11 gsm (Gambi). Lets share the knowledge

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Nice talking to you. Thanks.

Your so welcome.

So sorry I missed this! Is there a recording available to watch? Thank you.

I missed this too. Is there a recording you can send to me?

Elizabeth Nevin
Briar Press

If you want to be really amazed at what can be done on an iron hand press, see any of the earlier ‘Baxter’ prints.
Baxters amazmgly are still in business at Lewes in Sussex , but folk there these days know nothing of the history But it was a very long time ago … the 1850s or so.

Wrong meeting ID:(

UPD: oh, never mind. I thought it said January 26th!
Silly me.

There was no recording of this that I am aware of. There were only three of us on the call: Mohr, myself and another gentleman whose name I forgot. The discussion was a wandering one about our presses and Mohr’s experiences with the handpress and people he knew in the field.

I am sorry to read in another posting of the passing of Dr. Mohr. We never met, but I was sorry to miss out in this Zoom discussion.

I also am late to the party, but I am going to stick my neck out and offer help with hand press printing issues in the spirit of Ludwig Mohr. I have moved half a dozen iron hand presses, consulted with several press owners about getting their press to print, and enjoyed building and using my own wooden Medhurst hand press, as well as writing about hand press history. I just finished a 3-4 hour Zoom with an Oberlin College librarian about getting their newly-acquired Harrild Albion press to work, and we succeeded in sorting out several faults and the press is now ready to print. I am happy to help in this way at no charge, and I also have the Worldwide Hand Press Database as reference to answer such esoteric questions as “when was this press probably made?” I can be contacted through Briar Press and I am happy to help answer questions if I know the answers!

Bob, Ad Lib Press