Front foil holder

Hello everyone, does anyone here have the option to take a picture of me holding a foil for the Heidelberg machine that is next to the pressure handle (it holds a foil limited to a foil width of 6 cm) Thank you very much

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Hmmm, sounds like you have a side pull foil system that takes rolls up to 6 cm in diameter? If there was a picture it did not come through.

I agree with pdan - Huh? post a picture of the spot you are talking about and better explain what you are trying to find out or trying to do.

I believe I have what you are talking about.
This is a drawing of a Foil Holder that gets mounted next to the impression lever.
Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

image: Foil Holder.jpg

Foil Holder.jpg

Jfitz how do I order one of these. What core size is it setup for? I have an under mounted puller now but I am not sure if it will work for the existing foil guide bar note in the diagram. I have a newer red ball windmill, will it work. I like the idea of a bigger roll, 200 foot is limiting.

Thank you Jfits is exactly what I’m looking for !!! Do Anybody have a picture of this item (the real thing)

Here are a couple of pictures of mine.
I got it 14 years ago from a supplier in Oregon, they have since gone out of business.
Very limited area to foil, work for letterhead great!

image: 20201222_112307.jpg


image: 20201222_112332.jpg


Beautiful !!! maybe I will make one for me like that
Thanks again(jfitz)

Thanks for the photo. I sat last night and wondered how that would work.

this looks like it would work, “most of the time” Certain foils scratch very easily. With this setup, that first turn bar, would be against the adhesive (soft under belly) of the foil. Foil that is too loose will preheat and draw incorrectly. Attention to foil tension would be a must for this set up. you may find that once a foil is loose enough to not scratch it may be too loose to work well.

Well, it’s pretty slick! I would put a nylon sleeve/roller over the turn bar. If the spring tension on the spool is correct, the foiled should not sag. There may be a need for a sprung turn rod, but a person would have to build it to find out.

Thanks for posting the photos!