Poco Restoration

Hi everyone, just wanted to share some shots of my recent poco-restoration. I bought this press in 2014 from the estate of an architect in Santa Cruz, CA. I brought it with me when I moved to Norway in 2015, with the exception of the bed which got left behind, and the gear rack which got lost… which is why for the next 9 years it was left in pieces in my storage unit.

In November, I finally got the bed shipped (thanks to my friend who kept it safe all these years, he used it to press stuff flat in his shop) and it was time to get this thing cleaned and printing again. I had to fabricate a replacement gear rack, and for cost reasons (buying the right pitch rack and machining away 80% of it would have been both expensive and time consuming) I landed on 3D printing it. Should it wear down too much in a few years, it takes a couple of hours to replace it and the cost is almost nothing.

After some stripping and repainting, this was the result (could not attach images, so will try to add them to a reply instead):

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Photos attached of the press cleaned and repainted, alongside a shot of the 3d-printed gear rack (and a before-shot).

image: pocothree.JPG


image: pocotwo.jpg


image: poco.jpg


Nicely done.

Looks great! Please tell me the serial number on the rail for the Poco census:

Sure thing Paul, the serial is G 2698.

Owner is Kim André Bøe, located in Trondheim, Norway.

Thanks, Kim,
The Poco census has been updated.
Glad utskrift (Happy printing)

Happy to be included!

And a more accurate translation would be “God trykking”, utskrift is directly translated as ‘printout’ and would only be used for inkjet or laser-printer. ;)

Good to know!

Poco’s are great presses. I owned one for several years in the 1980’s, and used it for all sorts of projects.

I’m glad to see that they are still in service! Good work!

Nice work! We had a Poco identical to yours— we used for galley proofs, when we were still running Linotypes.