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"A difficult extraction makes the price...20 Sep
you're welcome25 Aug
You hire me... or a local... On long...16 Dec
you can have one made identical to the...21 Feb
You are missing roller bearings...15 Apr
Yeah Stymie !!!24 Nov
What kind of press are you printing...14 Dec
Vegetable oil and vinegar. No fumes...22 Aug
vegetable oil ! 6 Nov
Van Son ink6 Jun
Took a second look, make sure it as the...15 Nov
There was a case like this one in a...24 Feb
There is a screw in the back on the...25 Oct
There is a classic funny...25 Oct
Thank's, My question should have...1 Apr
Thank's for the info Fritz.1 Apr
Thank you Gerald, will do some...19 Aug
PS: the accident happened on a bigger...24 Feb
Pile height at the feedboard is also...10 Feb
Ouch ! 30 Dec
no.1 Glamour light, no.2 Copperplate5 Oct
no 11 Aug
no17 Dec
Make sure trucks and rollers are the...24 Dec
Looks hand carved...9 Mar
Let me know ... email me Alain28 Mar
I'm still...10 Nov
I'll go with girl with a kluge, clean...9 Feb
It's to bad clients do not use the...24 Feb
It's just not worth 1200 $ in the state...17 Dec
It's hardly used, but you can not...7 Apr
It's a question of weight = impression...9 Mar
It's a diecutter, come on...16 Aug
It was 48 cents a pound at the...6 Sep
In my opinion, It less time consuming...7 Sep
If you need studio time for artistic...16 Jan
If you are the chosen rosen, i'll fire...21 Oct
If you are printing on black paper you...6 Mar
I use to have a press like this one....18 Jan