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Ah great! I don't need to print that...15 Aug
Oprion, I don't see what you mean by...15 Aug
That is so wonderful. I had some...15 Aug
Wow, great diagram! Can you use normal...15 Aug
Are the chase irons attached? 15 Aug
Hmm, I'm not sure. I have yet to...15 Aug
Ahh okay, that makes sense. Thank...15 Aug
Here are some other photos! 15 Aug
Hey Dan, Just wondering why the...16 Aug
This is hilarious. I wonder why it's...16 Aug
Right now I'm living in a small one...16 Aug
Thanks guys! This has all been so...16 Aug
Ah yeah parallel_imp, that makes a lot...19 Aug
After doing even more research I think...25 Aug
How would you go about attaching the...26 Aug
Yeah Jhenry, they are the original...27 Aug
Has anyone worked with this seller? I...27 Aug
Thanks Dan! I'm also contemplating...27 Aug
Ahh I see, parallel, that makes a lot...27 Aug
The box had '1982' written on it, so...27 Aug
Haha, well then they are probably not...27 Aug
Try to only use letters and no numbers...27 Aug
Haha. I'm only turning 28 I felt old...27 Aug
You can also get the samples from...28 Aug
What do you mean by 'as long as the...9 Sep
Ooooh! I understand. I'll definitely...9 Sep
Great idea inky. Thank you! I also saw...9 Sep