What happened to Devils Tail Press?

Why is there an “n/a” in place of nearly every post that had been left by Devils Tail Press? I considered his posts to have a great deal of intelligence, insight and merit.

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Yeah, that’s kind of strange. Most of his postings are now marked n/a — even the postings from a couple of years ago.

He has been very helpful and informative in all his posting. I hope he is ok (like nothing terrible has happened to him).


I spoke with Paul recently via email on some iron handpress questions where he is quite knowledgeable, and to my knowledge he is doing fine.

After a heated debate over technique and tradition he’s quitted Briarpress, and he seems to have taken all his knowledge and insight with him.

That truly is a real loss for all of us.


Yes, those statements are true. There are several others that don’t come around anymore such as forme.
People need to take Briar with a grain of salt. Agree to disagree and don’t take pot shots at each other…words are still mightier than the sword…IMHO

I contact Paul (Devil Tail) every once in a while, i sure miss his posts, wish he would come back. Dick G.

Perhaps we could each print a card showing “Paul, Please Come Back” (using letterpress), to indicate our collective appreciation and get him to come back.

Sigh :-(

It should probably just be a kiss impression, though. ;-)

I’ve always had this sinking feeling that the best and most knowledgeable printers are nowhere to be found on the social networks. Perhaps they are too busy printing. Perhaps they have no interest in or patience for the concerns of these forums. Perhaps they feel no obligation to pass their wisdom on to future generations. Perhaps — and I hope this is not the case — they want to keep their wisdom well guarded so as to prevent imitation. Perhaps they’re simply private people. Whatever the reason, I hope they’re recording their knowledge somewhere for posterity so that we have something more than their work to learn from.


Let’s not pussy foot around….Paul left because some people on here treated him like shit…and I don’t blame him one tiny point! He is a treasure trove of information and I miss his knowledgeable posts.
To the cyberbullies of Briar get off your high horses and apologize already. Perhaps you enjoy the deafening silence of the Devil’s Tail Press?

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Devil’s Tail please come back! Your knowledge and candor is truly missed!

I know Devil’s Tail reads this site, i hope that he sees how many people love him and his posts and comes back and shares his knowledge, Paul look to the east, i’m on my roof waving at you. Dick G.

Where is William and his soap box when we need him?

Girl with a Kluge, was that you on your roof waving at me? Dick G.

Okay everyone large grain of salt needed here….my tongue is firmly stuck in my cheek….

Why no Dick, I wasn’t waving….get out your loupe …it was a full moon. (XOXOdickg)

Speaking of the moon check out the six planets that are lined up in the morning sky for our enjoyment for the next few mornings:

Look to the West young man, we’re also waving. (where the heck are you anyway?)

Anyone who would quit the list over few or more disputes that did not go in his favor and then go back and n/a all of his previous posts… something quite wrong there.


My eyes aren’t so good any more, maybe it was you Dennis i was waving at, hard to see you guys from here in Massachusetts. Dick G.

I am in Australia.

Paul, you made a mark in here too - I am waving!


Well hello!! Of course there is something wrong! Is that all you have to say? Do you want to dig up the past or just raise the dead? One of Paul’s posts was about the paper with seeds….great idea….pretty green…until you smash your type that you can’t replace….and the seed guy had the balls to enlist his minions to join BP shortly after, just to give him grief. Where the ffl(ligature) is seed guy now?
Think about the poor seeds that will never germinate!
Think about the 50M+ members that will never have the chance/choice to read his words…and make up their own minds?

Just an angel or perhaps the devils’ advocate? IMHO

Not sure, but I believe Paul’s info was called out in public here on the forums,, which lead to Elizabeth chiming in and Devil’s Tail Press removing all info. It’s a vague memory at best I have of this scenario.

Vrooooom: just to clarify. The Internet is founded on the principle of free exchange of ideas. However, it does include groups that are unmoderated, to groups that print only what the moderator selects. As far as possible we do keep an eye on the Discussions, but essentially these forums are unmoderated as we can not keep track of now over 56,000 registered members and over 4,900 discussions.

We do try to keep an eye out for any abuse of the site and have banned spammers. On occasion, such as you mentioned above, we have closed commenting on a discussion if it degenerates into mainly personal attacks, but have not removed any information.

Speaking for myself, I will miss Paul’s contributions, but it is a personal decision to participate in online discussions, and it is a personal decision if he or she is comfortable with the tone of the discussion.

Girl with a kluge

Well, one of the problems that was going on but not addressed here is with the continual revising of original posts, so that the original poster doesn’t look like he is wrong in any regard or did anything wrong. And it disturbs the train of thought of the thread. No one can figure out what is going on. Well, P did that quite a bit, even going back years to correct postings, and I notice you revise your postings similarly. If you can’t stand by it from one day to the next, probably best you don’t say it.



In regard to my last post here I appeal to you to prevent revision of posts. I understand that there may be a need to correct grammar or misspelling, which would be my understanding of the need, but the way it is currently set up allows for grave misuse of the forum.


I don’t believe that Paul ever went back and changed posts, in this business of letterpress there are many ways to achieve the same results, this list is for the free sharing of information which i love to do, there are lots of differences between everyone but we should stick to what this is all about, sharing information about letterpress, not trying to prove someone is wrong. Lets put this behind us and agree to disagree. I hope with all my heart that devils tail comes back here but can understand if he chooses not to. Dick G.