New Vandercook rollers

Does anyone have a preference for vendor choice on the east coast? I need new rollers for my SP-20. I’m debating between NA and Pamarco.

Any experiences with either you want to share?


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How about Roller Craft in Rhode Island. Dick G.

Rotadyne in Chino.

Since we seem to be moving outside of the East Coast suppliers, I have had great service, good rollers and excellent prices from S.I. Industries in Blaine Minnesota:

John Henry

Second vote for S.I. Industries. They do great work and seem happy to work with smaller companies.

They recovered my Vandercook rollers to the diameter and durometer I specified.

Pamarco have helped me with 15 or so sets of Vandercook rollers and they’ve all been great. The price is good, the turnaround time is very fast and they have the factory roller specs on file for the more common presses.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks, Daniel. That’s what I wanted to hear.